AFLA 2015 Designers Bio

Ankara Festival Los Angeles is excited to unveil the 10 designers whose collections have been selected to grace the runway in the Finale Runway Show, September 12th

With over forty five hopeful designers submitting their sketches and samples before the AFLA panel of fashion experts, this group of talented designers was selected for their creativity, passion, attention to detail and originality.

We are delighted to announce that AFLA 15’ Finale Runway Show headlining designer is Kibonen Nfi of KibonenNY.

The Finale Runway Show designers include:


NUBI COLLECTIONS (Ethiopia, Sudan)

NubiCollections by BothDol was established to create unique classic designs: Ancient, contemporary, & special accessions. We do Weddings/Custom designing.


NubiCollections (used to be called BothDol Fashion) was established to create unique classic designs.

Ancient: Recreating fashion of Nubia, beginning of fashion including Sudanese, Egyptian, and Ethiopian. Also featured from time of the Greek and roman empires.

Contemporary: Using tribal prints, calicos, wax, and Ankara(West African Prints). Fashion that is trendy and modern with a combination of American and West-African Style.

Special Accessions: Weddings, Events, Red-carpet, Ball, and also custom designing for both women and children.



Kibon Nfi (Cameroon)

She started out as one of the co-founders of KiRette Couture, which established her as a force to be reckoned with in the Cameroonian and West African fashion industry. In the fall of 2011, Kibonen decided to take her ideas to a higher level under the company name KibonenǀNY


hence, materializing her aesthetic vision by creating pieces that don’t only represent a Cameroonian tribe, but garments wearable and appreciated by the ultramodern West African Afropolitan. Kibonen is a certified image consultant, and earned a Master’s degree in International Trade and Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology, A career path her father still struggles to comprehend. A serious career in Fashion is unfathomable in Cameroon, but this ideology is gradually changing thanks to pioneers like Kibonen, who takes it upon herself to cultivate and mature this untapped industry.

KNY | confident, colorful and free spirited

KNY is for the classy trend setter with a strong sense of style and a refined taste for contemporary and authentic Africana clothing.

KibonenǀNY (KNY) creates clothing, accessories and footwear. The KNY client is one who is confident, colorful and free spirited. KNY is for the classy trend setter with a strong sense of style and a refined taste for contemporary and authentic Africana clothing. KibonenǀNY does not only limit its designs to the toghu but al so explores other traditional African fabrics – Wax prints, Tye-dye, Kanga and Bogolan (Mu d Cloth). Besides being a fashion lifestyle brand, KibonenǀNY is also an ethical fashion brand. Cameroon is a country with abundant talent, unbelievable design aesthetics and beautiful people yet over 49% of the population live below the poverty line. This was another gripping factor that urged the formation of the brand, using the business of fashion to help create employment in Cameroon, paying employees a f air wage, which will not only aid survival but allow them to considerably improve the ir standard of living. After realizing the potential that ethical fashion could provide, KibonenǀNY together with some partners formed the Cameroon Fashion Common Initiative Group instigated the startup of an ethical factory, Made In Camer, which today is an independent, charity based, eco and ethical clothing production unit that supports local talent and provides employment to Cameroonians in one of the poorest communities.



Tinz Clothing, LLC (Ghana)

Tinz Clothing means “Learn from the Past” It represent Sankofa! We design custom made handmade African print shirts, skirts, and dresses. We specialize in using beautiful African prints like “Dashiki” and “Kente”


Everything is Foreign and colorful! It gives out positive energy and it makes you feel good when you wear our clothes.




kabeh ojo

Kabeh Ojo Designs (Liberia)

Through her love of fashion and two years of experience, Janette Kabeh Ojo Johnson, an up and coming designer, has applied her accomplishments and knowledge to her designs.

As a graduate of the Art Institute of Houston,


Janette earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Fashion Retail and Management with honors. During her studies at the Art Institute, Janette’s visions, uniqueness, and hard work, earned her The Best Portfolio Show Award out of the entire graduating class of 2013.

Kabeh Ojo exudes rareness and one of kind pieces that are inspired by African roots.  The brand is known for its exceptional patchwork, along with emerging culture, comfort, creativity, and various fashion eras into the designs. Kabeh Ojo’s philosophy is that every woman should feel confident in the clothes that they wear and that confidence comes from knowing oneself.

The word “Kabeh” (KA- BAY) derives from the Liberia meaning “I will do it/determination.” “Ojo” (OH-JOE) derives from the Yoruba tribal language in Nigeria meaning “luck.” Both of the words not only complete Janette’s full name, but describe who she is, as well as her designs.

The design aesthetics that best exemplify Kabeh Ojo can be described as fun, colorful, sporty, and unique. Janette understands the demand for wanting that “all-around” look that’s less-revealing at the same time. She believes in highlighting the most important part of a woman’s physique, her curves.

Janette has created various looks for clients, including Mollyn Jabor, Miss Liberia in the U.S. (2014). A true visionary artist, her skills and creativity endorses her to meditate outside of the box and bring forth designs that the innovative have longed for.




Fantabela (Cameroon)

Jocelyn, The creative mind behind Fantabela is an ethnic tee-shirt and accessories designer as well as a painter from Cameroon. The designs on her tee-shirts are inspired by my African themed paintings.


Her designs are a reflection of the beauty, complexity and diversity of the African culture. She is also passionate about giving back and providing opportunities for Third World countries artisans. Some of those artisans help me manufacture my products.
Fantabela strives to be a fashion line that brings hope and blesses Third World countries artisans. She strongly believes that as their income increases, they are able to better care for their family and others beside themselves are lifted out of poverty.

blokes and divas

Blokes N Divas  (Nigeria)

Blokes n Divas run by Teddy Legbedion and Patrick Osaghae, was borne from the need to change the way African fashion was been reviewed at the time when the industry was filled with shape flattering fabrics.


The result of this initial experiment was the creation of an alternative African label producing both couture and ready to wear collections. In their own words ” this renaissance continues in our continual adaptation of shape flattering fabric to soothe African sartorial needs whilst maintaining its proud eclectic roots”.

The label’s design is highly inspired by the vibrant colors in nature, excerpts from African folklore, long forgotten arts, and cultural events; all lovingly blended together by highly skilled artisans. The result; style, strength, grace and charm!. This eclectic African style have been able to carve a niche for itself in the rapidly changing industry; gracing the runways in world fashion capitals, worn not only by stars and celebrities alike but by you.
In their words ” life is a runway and we are all top models”.
Blokes n Divas is you! it’s your style, your strength, your grace and your charm that brings it all together.

sania josiah

Sania Josiah (SJ) Collections (Liberia)

Sania Josiah moved to Los Angeles to attend school for Fashion Design and started her namesake line after graduation. Her collection for ss 15 began as a school project and has a very ethnic vibe.


Josiah’s debut collection is all about mixing a wide range of textiles and materials that mesh through the construction details of the garments. Josiah says that her creation process is wild and unpredictable, so she never knows where her designs will end up but that that’s what makes her designs so uniquely beautiful…


treasure utopia

Treasure Eutopia  

Treasure Eutopia is an eclectic collection of Caribbean and African inspired clothing and accessories.

Her creation of Caribbean and African inspired fun and vibrant clothing, and accessories, and whatever trinkets I may create.


She love colors and she has never been one to stick to “fashion rules”; so yes, she DOES wear white after Labor Day 🙂

She also loves printed patterns that can disguise “flawed” areas and give people confidence to express themselves. She hopes that you enjoy a love of colors as much as I do and are brave enough to stand out from others. Come and share your love of colors with us.


Design of A Diaspora ( Ghana)

Di•as•po•ra   [dahy-as-per-uh, dee-]
• Any group migration or flight from a country or region. Synonyms: dispersion, dissemination, migration, displacement, scattering. Antonyms: return.


• Any group that has been dispersed outside its traditional homeland, especially involuntarily, as Africans during the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

History and Culture are innate values that project a Race from obscurity and into the spotlight no matter where they are situated within the world.


One defining factor of Africa is her style; more specifically the colorful fabrics of West Africa. The African fabric of our lives, that often tells a story helps distinguish the people of this indigenous land. Design of a Diaspora realizes that these prints aren’t meant for just Africans, but are meant to be shared with the world. Beauty in its purest form can be seen from all sides, and these prints molded into tailored creations give the subject the ability to say so much, without saying a word.


Design of a Diaspora aims to not only reconnect the African subject with their lost roots and fashion, but also aims to reintroduce the world to a realm of Fashion not yet fully discovered. Design of a Diaspora aims to blur the lines of geography by allowing all those who seek cultural and self-growth, to take up the bold prints, admire the fashion forward styles, identity with the unifying attribute of Fashion and to Adorn Geography… all at an economically friendly price..




Nsaa House Of Designs (Ghana)

Nsaa is a clothing line that helps women of all ages to express their hidden inner beauty through what they wear n also helps magnifies ones Inner Beauty.


Because of its high quality and durability, people are willing to buy it, even when it’s old and used. Nsaa House of Designs encourages females to make quality and durability a hallmark, and avoid mediocrity in fashion. She is using fashion as a voice for All Women saying, “I am Beautiful no matter how I look ….less is more”!